The One by Yocan


1 x Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
1 x Grade 2 Titanium Nail
1 x 650mAh Battery
2 x Dual Quartz Rod Coils (1 Pre-Installed)
1 x Pick Tool
1 x Glass Jar
1 x USB Charger

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The One from Yocan is a revolutionary wax pen vaporizer that doubles as a nectar collector via a 510 threaded titanium nail. Yocan The One is a versatile wax pen unit that allows you to experience and enjoy dabbing your wax concentrates with either a blow torch or with The One’s 510 threaded vape pen battery. The One from Yocan also uses a glass bubbler mouthpiece which incorporates water filtration for cooler and smoother hits.

Apart from having dual functionality, The One from Yocan also boasts of superb vaporizing technology in its dual quartz coils. Having quartz materials allow The One from Yocan to quickly heat up your materials especially when you’re vaping on-the-fly. Quartz is an atomizer component that can hold off heat the shortest. It means that quartz will absorb and conduct heat quickly compared to other atomizer rod components like ceramic. Quartz has the fastest heat up time at only 5 seconds with only 15-17W. Since quartz is pure, it gives off no particular taste, an important factor especially when vaping wax concentrates. This means that when vaping with Yocan The One, you get to experience the full flavor profile and the distinct flavor notes of your select wax concentrates leaving you clean and pure vapors without the hint of bad taste.

The One from Yocan is the on-the-go vape enthusiasts dream, it’s ideal for flavor catchers allowing them to experience lip-smacking vapors almost anywhere they are


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