Davinci IQ


1x 3500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Flavor Chamber
1x 10mm Water adapter
2x Davinci Tool
1x Davinci Key Chain
1x Cleaning Kit
10 Year Warranty

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The Davinci IQ is a portable vaporizer that uses the most advanced features a vaporizer can possibly hold. The Purity of vapor this portable herbal vaporizer produces is based on smart technology the Davinci IQ stores within its motherboard which is a computer chip that is the brain of the vaporizer. With its precision temperature control system, Davinci invented a new form of vaporization material technology by creating what they call “Smart Path Technology”; Smart Path Technology powers from the IQ of the vaporizer which is the motherboard and is app-driven device that gives you precise control over the session you set built with a brain and holding purification filtration. On-demand app settings that allow you to customize the precise settings you want to power on with the Davinci IQ herbal vaporizer. This technology will enable you to maximize the vaporization purity and control the session precisely on how you set your session using the app-enabled settings to invent the customized controls of the Davinci’s maximum capabilities.

Davinci IQ Blue-Tooth Technology

Blue-tooth technology is a new way of using and controlling the optimal performance of any type of vaporizer. Davinci is taking advantage of this vaporizer technology by creating one of the latest and greatest dry herb portable vaporizers in the world; The Davinci IQ vaporizer. The Davinci IQ blue-tooth technology allows you to propel the possibilities this smart vaporizer is capable of producing. One of the most amazing features about this vaporizer is the fact you can control your vaporizer’s production, power, and precision using the Davinci IQ’s blue-tooth technology. Using the Davinci IQ’s app from your cell phone, smart phone or android device, you will be able to tune the specific settings you need to be able to set different settings toggling through different advanced features. The Smart app for the Davinci IQ can be customized to be able to check the puff counter, set the vaping time, controlling the temperature to a precise setting, which of the four vapor modes you will use, total time spent vaping, amount of material left to vaporize, battery life and fine tuning the vapor power controls to fully control the vaporization production.

Davinci IQ Blue-Tooth Features

Herbal Chamber Capacity Level Indicator
Charging Time Speed
Puff Counter
Session Control
Battery Level Indicator
Power Leveler Settings
Temperature Control Settings 250-430° F
Precise Temperature Controls
Current Temperature
Past Usage History
Past Settings
Consumer IQ Profile
IQ Vaporizer Stats
Temperature Adjustment Settings
Low-Level Battery Indicator
Optimal Performance Tips
Davinci IQ Battery Power & Charging
The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer has many power & charging features that no other portable vaporizer features; with an advanced REPLACEABLE 18650 Lithium-ion battery with 3500mAH of energy capable of being able to vaporize consecutively over 6 hours of use; this portable vaporizer is the perfect smart vaporizer that profiles the proto-type of the perfect battery power and performance handheld vaporizer that will outlast any of its predecessors hands-down.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Charging Features

IQ Vaporizer clearly has a powerful battery. The Davinci IQ’s charging features are very important to look-at in-terms of convenience and easy charging usage. Buying an extra 18650 lithium-ion battery is a great step for having a fully charged battery on stand-by in case you’re traveling distances to where a power outlet is scarce. The Davinci IQ has pass-through charging which is a feature that many vapor enthusiasts appreciate considering this feature isn’t a common one. Pass-through charging simply means you’re able to connect the USB cable to the vaporizer and a power source enabling you to use the vaporizer while it is charging. It only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery; you can’t forget the fact that you get over 6 hours of continuous use.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Design

A shape of a cell phone and a look of a smart device; The Davinci IQ portable herbal vaporizer has a very compact, strong and durable design with sleek features that put it up to one of the more interesting vaporizer designs for a handheld vaporizer like the Davinci IQ has to offer. The default color; Silver (Gunmetal) has an anodized aluminum material structure that has sand-blasted craftsmanship to make it a unique design with a very professional but sexy color on this design that makes the Davinci IQ a sleek, pure and amazing vaporizer to have around. The Premium quality materials use to create the construction, design and coloring are top-of-the-line features that push this vaporizer to bigger heights. The Design and symmetric are created for a user-friendly environment and a travel-friendly handle to be able to have a very usable vaporizer at your finger-tips while you’re traveling around or always on the go. The comfort and quality will have anyone pleased to be using this vaporizer in front of anyone or in any place or scenery.

Looking at the vaporizer it has a vertical shape and a 51 light grid display which looks sophisticated while being able to allow you to craft your own vaporizing experience as the temperature range can be precisely set between 250-430° F. The Feel of the vaporizer is very smooth and sleek and features craftsmanship with its sandblasted finish that displays quality using anodized aluminum metal which makes this one of the lightest portable vaporizers ever made at only 5 ounces. The top part of the vaporizer is where the mouthpiece, flavor chamber, and ceramic oven are located. At the top is the Zirconia mouthpiece which pulls out pure vapor; Right below the mouthpiece is the Zirconia air-path infuser which is a flavor chamber only giving you the best of the best in terms of vapor quality with filtration to eliminate any type of carcinogen. Next to the flavor chamber part you will see the ceramic oven when you flip open the latch of the IQ vaporizer. At tHe bottom of the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the 18650 removable battery.


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