Dokha Tobacco Warm


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This is a 9 gram bottle of traditional Dokha tobacco which is meant to be smoked in a Medwakh Pipe. Dokha is an Arabian tobacco that’s popular in the U.A.E. and other Middle Eastern Countries. The word “dokha’ is Arabic for “dizzy” because of its high levels of nicotine.

This dokha is of “warm” strength, which is more potent than “cold” strength but less buzzy than “hot” strength. This 9 gram bottle will last up to 65 Medwakh bowls.

For warm we have Longbottom Leaf, G-55, Blue Kiss, Indihash, Grape Mint, Baklava, Aegean Spice, Melon Madness, Lemonberry, Southern Star and Lazeez Mint.

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